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Clarke Colours (PTY) Ltd is currently owned by George and Margaret Gaenssler, Duncan Thornton and Gary Loubser.  The company was purchased in December 1993 by the Gaensslers, and had its origins in the early 1970's and has been trading for more than 35 years in one form or another.


Mr L.W. Clarke, a talented chemical engineer, founded the company with the assistance of his wife.  Both had a passion for flower arrangements and they wished to develop a new type of paint that could be used on fresh and dry flowers and floral material without causing damage.  The new paint developed at that time, from new ingredients was first tried at flower arranging clubs, and encouraged by their success, an interesting hobby was developed, and the range of both dyes and floral sprays expanded.


In 1980 the Clarke Colours technology and manufacturing rights were transferred to Carbotec Laboratories and subsequently in 1988 to Extel Industrial (Pty) Ltd.


Since 1993 many new flower and dye colours and additional products have been developed but the original formulations have been faithfully adhered to, ensuring the meticulous maintenance of quality, safety and environmental safety. Besides the maintenance of the original Clarke Colours range, many new products have been introduced into the range.  Automotive products such as a Carburettor Cleaner, Brake and Clutch Cleaner, Penetrating Oil, Cleaning Products as well as a comprehensive range of Multipurpose Polishes and Air Fresheners.  The company also manufactures an Insecticide.


Clarke Colours also offers contract and third party aerosol filling and has a long standing relationship with a number of prominent companies.