At Clarke Colours (Pty) Ltd we pride ourselves in the manufacturing of high quality aerosol products and our ability to service the whole of Africa with our product ranges. In addition, Clarke Colours is recognised as a leading South African contract manufacturer and packager of aerosols and industrial products, in small to bulk quantities.

We are always happy to provide product development for our customers, including custom product formulation, testing, filling, packaging and logistic services. Our integrated solution capability and our extensive networks assist you in producing quality aerosol products at a very competitive cost.

Many small and large brand owners have come to rely on our expertise, technology and services, to maximise their company’s market success! Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are able to service and supply national and global companies – how can we help your business?

Household, Sanitary & Safety Products

All our cleaning materials are manufactured on our own premises and are of the best quality delivering amazing results.

Our range includes Polishes, Air-Fresheners, General Cleaners, Hand & Surface sanitisers, Pepper Spray and more…

Automotive & Handyman Products

From general cleaning, car polishes to automotive and upholstery products.

Our Handy Man range includes penetrating oils, silicone sprays, carburettor cleaners, brake and clutch cleaners, and many more.

Paints, Arts & Crafts Products

Our Arts & Craft aerosol paint range comes in fluorescent, pastel,metallic and brilliant colours and are safe to be used on fresh and dried flowers, polystyrene, plastics, wood, etc. We also have adhesives, fixatives and much more…

Awesome for school projects  

Products for Plants

From flower dyes to leaf treatments, clear set sprays and glycerine, this range is widely used by nurseries, florists, and the horticultural sectors in South Africa.

Sanitising Products

Range of sanitising products, including hand, surface and fogger sanitisers.

OEM & Contract Filling

Looking for an aerosol product for your own range or brand.

We offer contract filling of our own products on an OEM/White Label basis so you can brand as your own or we provide contract filling services for your own products.