Aerosol Filling Service

Contract Filling – We put the product you want in an aerosol can. Our location in the business centre of South Africa, and knowledge of regulations and aerosol formulations mean that we are ideal for manufacturing aerosols which are destined for the South African and global markets.
Whether it’s a product idea, a product you have developed, or a product
you require to be re-branded under your own label, Clarke Colours works
in partnership with you to make it into a reality.


With Clarke Colours, you are involved at every stage of product development; and can watch as your idea grows into the product you’ve been imagining. If it is only an idea you have, and nothing else, then we can help throughout
the process; from developing the right product, to giving you suggestions for how you want it to look on the shelves.


We offer our customers aerosol filling and labelling & packing, all under one roof – from product design, artwork through to the formulation and packaging. We have relationships with many design companies, to ensure the packaging meets your requirements. 

This affords our clients the opportunity for a flexible product mix & faster turnaround. Our Aerosol production lines provide flexible filling options.

Small Volume Runs – for small volume requirements (runs as little as 120 Units) our hand filling lines provide a great option for customers that have unique products with lower volume production requirements and cannot justify the investment in their own packaging facility. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you maximise your product and grow your business.

Our White Label Products (OEM)

White Label (Sometimes referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM) is a broad term whose meaning has evolved over time. In the past, OEM referred to the company that originally built a given product, which
was then sold to other companies to rebrand and resell. 

Nowadays, the term is more frequently used to describe companies in the business of re-branding a manufacturer’s products and selling them to end customers under their own label, effectively as their own product.


Clarke Colours has a wide range of OEM/White Label Products that we manufacture to be rebranded and resold by
others to their end user customers under their own label. This service is provided in conjunction with our Aerosol
Contract filling services, using our own range of highly sought after products on a White-Label basis, as well as
contract filling using our Clients Products. Contact us to enquire if we have a product to suit your needs.

Research & Development


Research & Development for our customers includes custom product formulation, testing, filling, packaging and logistic services. 

Our integrated solution capability and our extensive network assist you in producing quality aerosol products at a very competitive cost.