Multi Purpose Polishes

Specially formulated and designed to beautify, preserve, protect and clean wood, plastics, vinyl, leather, aluminium, brass and other household surfaces with a refreshing fragrance. 

Leaves a protective film to guard against harmful ultraviolet rays. Formula includes a mild detergent to
remove build-up of dirt with an anti-static component to reduces dust settling after application.

Air Fresheners

Specially formulated dry air freshener and sanitiser supplied in a large 400 ml and 300 ml aerosol can. Available in 12 pleasing and refreshing fragrances. Safe to use on carpets, curtains, leather, vinyl, etc.

Our Metered Multi-Dose Dispenser is a battery operated automated aerosol dispenser which takes a 300 ml aerosol can. The dispenser has multiple setting to manage the spray operation such as 4 release time settings (5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes) as well as control settings for day only use, night only use or 24-hour operation. The Multi-dose dispenser can be wall mounted or surface mounted, and is supplied with all required fixings.

Multi -Dose Replacement Cartridges – Use our Air freshener supplied in 300 ml aerosols cans for use in our Metered Dose Dispensers. Available
in selected fragrances, the multi-dose dispenser will deliver approximately
3000 metered doses and depending on the timing interval set, will last
from 30 to 60 days.

Cleaning Products

Universal Foam Cleaner –

Specially formulated to deep clean most surfaces with a people safe formula. 

Can be used in ovens, baths and sinks, but is strong enough to also be used on aluminium and metal surfaces, plastics, upholstery, white boards, vinyl, fabrics, carpets and even remove grease on machinery, etc. 

Spray surface to be cleaned and allow 30-60 seconds for cleaner to do its thing. Surfaces may be rinsed with water if required and badly soiled surface/fabric may be brushed. Wipe with soft clean damp cloth to remove cleaner.

Heavy Duty Universal Cleaner and Sanitiser –

Non-flammable, non-poisonous, Heavy Duty Universal Cleaner and sanitiser is suitable for all surfaces including – hard surfaces, carpets, upholstery, machinery and engineering equipment. Safe to use on metal, painted surfaces, carpets, fabrics & machinery and can be used hot or cold.

 Low Foaming and especially suitable for use in high pressure washers, automatic scrubbers and carpet cleaners. Rinses easily leaving no streaks, smears or scum. For hard surfaces, such as baths, floors, walls etc. 

Use a 3% solution (150 ml / 5 Lt water). For Carpets & Fabrics use a 10% solution dilution and for heavy grease such as Machinery use a 10% – 25% solution depending on extent of soiling. For bad and persistent stains, spot treat with the prepared solution or use Clarke Colours Foam Cleaner.

General Purpose Insecticide Spray –

A general-purpose insecticide spray manufactured to kill mosquitoes, flies & cockroaches on contact. For flying Insects – Spray directly onto insect for quick knockdown & kill or close all doors and windows – spray generally for 5 seconds for 15-20 m2 room. Vacate room and leave closed for 15 min. Ventilate room after treatment. 

For crawling insects – Spray onto surfaces where insects have been observed. The product has a residual effect of 24 hours if sprayed onto glass, wood and painted surfaces. Less effective when applied
to raw or painted cement surface.