Aerosol Spray Cans

For the florist, hobby, arts and crafts, and school projects…

Clarke Colours range of paints was initially formulated to be soft and gentle enough to be used on floral
arrangements and dry flowers to brighten and beautify their blooms. Our fluorescent, pastel, metallic and brilliant colours are therefore safe
to be used on all surfaces whether it be fresh and dried flowers, polystyrene, plastics, wood, etc.

The Art & Craft sprays are exceptionally quick drying, and produce a most attractive finish on virtually any surface. Our spray paints are particularly recommended for use on polystyrene and in the arts and crafts environment.

To apply, spray with the can approximately 20-35 cm from the surface to be painted. Move the can gently and smoothly to-and-fro and build up successive coats of paint.

Note: To prevent blockage in the nozzle, and ensure trouble free repeat usage of the product; invert the can and spray for a few seconds to clear the valve and nozzle after use. (for available colours, please see the indicative colour chart below).


Other Paint Products

Petal Paints – For commercial or compressor applied purposes –

Clarke’s paint formula is also available in 1 Lt and 5 Lt liquid packs.

This product is sold as our “Petal Paint” range. These 1 Lt and 5 Lt quantities allow for application by compressor driven spray guns, or other similar large or commercial scale environments and/or applications on fresh and dried flowers or substrates such as  polystyrene, plastics, wood, etc.

Petal paint is supplied in our range of brilliant, pastel, metallic and fluorescent colours. Petal Paint is a quick drying formula and produce a most attractive finish on virtually all surfaces.

This paint is particularly recommended for use on
polystyrene in the shop displays and show stand environments as well as theater back drops. 

Available in more than 60 colours – see the adjacent colour chart.


Artists Fixative Spray- Preserve your original artwork in its just-completed condition with our easy-to-apply spray.

Hectic Hair Colour Spray –Whether you’re dressing up, or keeping up with the fashion, our fun hair colour sprays will keep you looking glam.

Snow Spray –Now you can always have a white Christmas or frosty windows! Perfect for displays and decorations.

Adhesive Spray – A spray adhesive to mount posters and pictures.
Just spray and fix!