Hand & Surface Sanitisers


Hand, surface and fogger sanitisers . Strong sanitisers for personal protection with an 80% alcohol content.

The Hand Sanitiser contains a cosmetic wax for hand preservation and a strawberry fragrance. Comes in 3 aerosol sizes 60ml, 150ml & 400ml.

Safe to use in any environment and easy to carry in your pocket or handbag.

The surface sanitisers and foggers have high alcohol and antibacterial content. Laboritory tested for agressive sanitation. Foggers available in 2 size cans.

Self-defence Spray

A strong and effective self-defence spray.  Sprays directly over 3 meters but has an effective field up to 9 metres and will subdue humans as well as attacking animals by affecting mucous membranes in mouth, nose, eyes and skin. Within one to two seconds the attacker will experience respiratory difficulties, choking & gagging and burning sensations assuring rapid knockdown & preventing life threatening physical confrontations.

Our self-defence spray is extremely effective on dogs & other aggressive or attacking animals which can be effectively subdued with a short blast towards the eyes, nose & mouth.

There are no harmful after affects. Conventionally sold as unbranded “white label” for resale by vendors.


All-In-One Hoof Spray


Sprayed onto the hoof for speedy treatment of laminitis, seedy toe, abbesses and used to harden soft and sensitive soles and to prevent bruising. A great product that can be beneficial in the management of corns, quarter cracks, split hooves and sheared heels.

Aids in repelling moisture from hooves in wet conditions and is very successful and effective against thrush and dramatically reduces the chances of reinfection by creating a barrier between health tissue and the infection.

Significantly more effective than commercial preparations and milder than bleaches, copper sulphate or turpentine. In addition, for horses, it can be used as a protective agent before applying sole pads and silicone to toughen thin soled feet and reduce bacteria counts.

A great product that provides your livestock with the support it needs to live healthy and be active.