Clarke Colours dyes are specially formulated for dyeing fresh and glycerine dried flowers and foliage. The dyes are easily used for a variety of other applications such as coral, wood, wicker work etc. and produce clean, clear and attractive finishes.
Dyes are available in both single and double strengths. The results obtained will depend on dilution of the dye, the water quality and the nature of material being
dyed. Hot solutions of dye may improve colour in certain instances. For specific species of grasses and flowers the quantity of dye and drying time may be
required to be reduced. (See colour chart below).


Plant Related Products

Leafgloss –  cleans and produces a high, dust-free gloss on hard and soft leaved plants. Leafgloss also has a protective function against some common insect pests. Examples of plants that benefit from the use of leafgloss include rubber plants, xanthiums, philodendrons, delicious monsters, etc. Leafgloss is packed as an aerosol to ensure ease of application.

Leafglow – has the identical attributes as leafgloss but is presented as a cream
formulation and can be applied by hand.

Clearset – A clear spray designed to delay the opening of blossoms. This
product can also be used as a fixative for decorations.


Clarke Colours Natural Pure Glycerine – is developed to assist with the drying of flowers and foliage. Our Glycerine comes in 1 kg and 5 kg packs. Glycerine is hygroscopic and is a great solvent. 

This makes it a good product for cleaning and stain removal. Glycerine can soften hardened and set stains, so that even old stains can be more easily

For our range of flower paints, please see the paints page.

Dye Colour Chart